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What Has Changed - New Normal

During this pandemic we have put procedures in order to protect our customers and staff from contracting this deadly virus. Below you will find all the information you need about our service during this time


What we ask of Our Customers

  • If you have any symptoms please do not visit us until they have gone away

  • Feel free to wash your hands as often as you would like in our (door less) washrooms & outside hand washing station

  • Feel free to use sanitizer provided at the hand washing station or at the reception

  • Where possible use mobile payment instead of cash

  • Please do not greet any of our staff with physical contact


What we have put in place

  • Staff training and information including Informational posters for our staff in English & Kiswahili

  • Increased hand washing and hygiene procedures for all staff

  • Increased cleaning and sanitizing procedures throughout departments

  • Staff with symptoms are not allowed to come to work

  • Daily Temperature Check & Masks for all staff

  • We have put at least 1.5 meters between tables

  • Availability of sanitizer / hand washing stations on entering and leaving Bella Napoli

  • Events should use covid friendly protocols

The safety of our Customers, Staff and Families remain our top priority, let’s work together to flatten the curve.

Bella Napoli Management

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